Did I really lose a leg?

Are you sure I lost a leg? You wouldn’t have known it today. My Mom took me for a long walk down by the river with my cousin, Abby (she is a 11 year old black lab). It was muddy but oh so fun! We ran, sniffed, and chased a squirrel up a tree. I got a bit stuck in the woods at one point, it was hard to climb up the steep bank but my Mom helped guide me up an easier way that didn’t have so many twigs and tree roots. I also walked up and down about 40 wooden steps in the woods to get to the river. My Mom made me turn around at the 1 km mark because we still had to get back to the house but I wanted to keep going (I think she was worried I would get too tired out). My Mom was very suprised that I could do that! The weather was great for fall in Alberta (+10 C outside today). At the end of the walk I had a nice warm shower to get all the mud off me and my roughwear harness.   Tonight I get to look forward to all the little trick or treaters coming to the door to visit me! Happy happy day indeed.


Author: Christina

Proud mom to a sweet and loveable golden retriever, Solo. Solo is 7 years old and was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma of her right rear leg on October 5, 2009. She had her leg amputated on October 9, 2009.

7 thoughts on “Did I really lose a leg?”

  1. I know just the park you are talking about! Lucky you living next to great dog parks! We had our pre-amputation walk and swim there and our first post-amputation walk there, since we were in the city for Tazzie’s surgery.
    Keep your eyes out for a Very large Ridgeback tripawd (hind leg) in the area who takes long walks. We met him at the clinic.

    Good for you Solo!

  2. Hello Solo so great to hear you are really enjoying yourself.
    I cant wait till Barney is up and going like you!
    Have lots more good times. Chris & Barney

  3. Hi Solo,

    This is your sister Cadence and I live in Cochrane. I just found out about your surgury and want to say that I am truly sorry about your leg being gone but I am glad that you can still get around. I am an expert on catching gophers as we had lots in the back yard, but not anymore as my Dad and I got rid of them. If you need help catching mice let me know.


  4. Just catching up on blogs…I’ve been out of the loop for awhile with work.
    You are a most magnificently beautiful dog. Caira Sue loves mud too. The ruff Wear harness cleans up well in cold water.
    I hope you are still having wonderous hikes.

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