Has it been a month already?!

Solo’s one month ampuversary was last Friday (November 6). She seems to be completely back to her old self – her eyes are bright, she greets us at the back door when we come home from work, she is playful, hungry all the time and full of life. Last weekend was beautiful so we took the opportunity to rake up some leaves in the yard. She thought being in the yard and playing with the leaves was great fun.  She rolled and dug in them as we made the piles all around the yard.

We are back to walking 3 kilometers a day but she really hates to be on leash! If the harness is on and she has the leash on -she stops about every three feet and doesn’t want to move. Take the leash off and she runs, sniffs, rolls and chases.  So off leash walking it is. It is a bit of a problem now that the days are getting so short. We seem to lose daylight by 5 pm these days and it is only going to get worse as winter continues to settle in! The walk is the first thing on the agenda when we get home from work and even then we are cutting it close as it is usually dark by the time we get back in the door. ! I think we are going to have to buy her a little light for her harness so we can easily see her in the field.

We had a small scare with her incision – we found a lump beside it and we were worried that it was a lymph node. We took her to the vet right away and fortunately (and thankfully) it was only a small reaction to one of the sutures. It has now gone down and all looks well. We are enjoying each day and taking it as it comes.

Christina and Solo

Author: Christina

Proud mom to a sweet and loveable golden retriever, Solo. Solo is 7 years old and was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma of her right rear leg on October 5, 2009. She had her leg amputated on October 9, 2009.

6 thoughts on “Has it been a month already?!”

  1. My mum has the same problem when I’m on leash too! But now that I am on Power Mushrooms, I don’t stop every three feet and stand for 20 minutes in my neighbour’s yard (what do they think?). Now my mum jogs along beside me for a few hundred yards and then we stop. But she can’t run as far as I can – what a wimp. 3 km after one month. Wow. That’s terrific.

  2. Yay Solo! So glad to see that you are doing so well. I’ve had little lumps and bumps here and there that freaked out my Mom, but each one turned out to be no big deal.

    BTW, we love your banner with the mountains behind you. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

    HRH Queen Nova of Tripawds (and mom Sue)

  3. Wow!! You are doing great after a month… Your mom should be sooo proud… Love the picture, it is beautiful… Looks cold :-)… Keep up the updates!

  4. How’s Solo been doing lately? Haven’t seen any posts or pictures for a little while… Post an update and some pictures of your beautiful baby!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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